Hrithik Roshan’s luxurious Mercedes car has features you can dream of


Celebrities like all things perfect and there is no exception when it comes to their cars. Hrithik Roshan’s white Mercedes V-Class has such luxurious features that the photos will make your jaws drop. 

Most of us look up to celebrities not just for their craft or their great looks but also for their super lavish lifestyle. From huge apartments, exotic holidays and the best of sartorial picks – our favourite celebrities do live a life of comfort. In fact, most of them also have car and bike collections that are to die for. In fact, we found the photos of the interiors of Hrithik Roshan’s Mercedes V-Class and were blown away by its luxurious features.

Designed by DC Designs, the car comes with roof lighting, a foldable table, wooden flooring, 170-degree power reclining seats, twin jump seat and a 32-inch TV. The luxurious four-wheeler also has an option where one can opt for a dedicated partition between the driver and the cabin or a see-through glass.

The windows of the car have been covered while the seats have been done in white Nappa leather with premium stitching and a dedicated switch panel for various functions such as adjusting the seat position, intensity of lights and also accessing the phone. There is also a provision for a mini fridge in the cabin of the car.

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