It’s Asteroid Day 2020: Why you should care, and how to catch live events on asteroids today

Wherever in India you are, you’re able enough to participate in Asteroid Day — an event meant to raise awareness about these small, rocky bodies, globally. On this day in 1908, a large asteroid impact flattened the forest in Tunguska, Siberia, leaving behind a crater (now a huge pond) spanning as fas as the eye can see on both sides from the centre.

Researchers argue that the meteor, which blasted millions of trees in the forest, just ‘grazed’ the Earth. The morning sky above Siberia on 30 June 1908 flared so bright and hot that a witness standing dozens of kilometers from the site thought that his shirt had caught fire, according to a LiveScience reportAn explosion, which followed the minute-long blinding brightness, smashed windows and knocked people off their feet in a town 60 km away, BBC reported.

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